Tessa Dare

New York Times Bestselling Author

"I rely on Kelly to be good at everything I'm not--whether it's managing giveaways, getting to the post office, or helping organize my workspace. I'd be a wreck without her!"

Gina Conkle


"Kelly Oakes is an author's secret weapon. On one hand, she's detail oriented with swag, mailings, and helping with my blog. As a true romance reader, Kelly gets the big picture about my books which translates to creative marketing plans. I love her ideas(!), her enthusiasm, and her ability to "get stuff done" so I can write. In short, she wows me!"

Susan Squires

New York Times Bestselling Author

"Kelly is a life-saver. I no longer pull out my hair at release dates. Not only does she take care of the details, which leaves me room to write, but she has set up a network of contractors to help with specialty areas and a system of organization that keeps our joint efforts on track. The fact that she’s funny and almost sane is just a plus. I recommend her highly. "

Jade Lee/Kathy Lyons

US Today Best Selling Author

I adore Kelly! She’s been working with me since 2013 and she’s always been great! Her strengths are her web and social media ability. She’s got a zillion blogger contacts, so that helps with book launches. She understands how to update my website and is now working on setting up a new one for me. She’d done great things with my social media, designs my banners, and has some really creative promotional ideas. Squidge was my idea, but without her, it never would have taken off like it has. Here’s her drawback: she’s busy. So the more organized you are with telling her exactly what you want, the easier it is for both of you. Vague things like, I need more social media presence will generate lots of ideas—and she’ll even implement a few—but you have to tell her what you want and when. Specific tasks are the best. Say, do this, and it gets done. Period. I can’t tell you how much of a miracle that is.

Laurin Wittig

Best Selling Author

Nikki Prince

Erotic Author

Harry Squires, aka H.R. Knight