Pricing & Billing

At Author’s Write Hand, we are here to make things easier for you. We understand that not every author is able to hire a full-time assistant. We are willing to work with authors who need an assistant on a regular basis as well as authors who only require help for one-time projects. We have several options to help meet your needs. After reading the details below, if you have any questions regarding pricing, please feel free to contact us.


Hourly: $30 per hour. Please note that we do NOT round up to the hour. If we are able to complete a task before hitting the hour mark, we will deduct accordingly.

Flat Fee: By paying in advance, we are able to offer you discounted pricing; saving you money!
If any work exceeds the 40 hour mark, we will contact the author for further pricing details.
No matter your needs, we can come up with a custom pricing plan for you.



Hourly: Invoices will be billed every month. Payment is required immediately upon receipt.

Flat Fee: Invoices will be billed at the beginning of each month. Payment is due immediately, upon receipt.

Acceptable forms of payment:
Check, Money Order, or PayPal
We’re excited to work with you!
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Subject line: “New Client Inquiry”