Meet Kelly

Kelly Oakes

I started this company because of my love of books and wanted to do something that involved them, but at the same time, wouldn’t make me hate books.

It started with a book… No really, I hurt my back nearly 6 years ago and was bored out of my mind while on a 2 week rehabilitation at home. A friend brought by a book from a series she’d been reading… it was my gateway drug. I started blogging about these amazing things called BOOKS!

I’ve now been a blogger for over 5 years and made many author friends from my site or going to book conventions. I loved interacting with the authors and promoting their books.

It wasn’t until a BIG move across the U.S. was scheduled with my husband’s company that I had the idea, or fear, “What the heck am I going to do for work in Florida?” So, one night when at a convention and sitting in a van with Jade Lee outside of a strip club in Vegas, she mentioned she was losing her assistant. I jumped at the chance and said, “I’m starting my own company, I’ll be your assistant!” True story. The move fell through, but the new company and job was born.

I just like others out there; Mom, Book Lover, Reviewer & Blogger! I Love everything books in general!