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Blog Articles

We could now call blog posts “UPDATES”. It’s important to keep readers visiting your website informed. Not everyone dips a toe into social media.

Social Media

This is where an author can fall down the rabbit hole. Social media is a time-suck, stealing your precious writing time away. It doesn’t have to be.


Graphic Design

We make it pretty. No, really… It’s important to have beautiful content. You should always be happy with the art that represents your brand.

Content Strategy

Along with the visual “look” of your brand and marketing, the content is just as important. Know when and where to engage your audience.

Newletters & Street Teams

You have to stay connected to your readers and keep them engaged, that takes time. Street teams and Newsletters are just some of the ways to maintain that connection with the reader. 

Branding & Marketing

Put your best foot forward. We can help you do that with a cohesive brand and a marketing plan to promote your books.


Hello, my name is Kelly and I’m a bookaholic… Okay, I am. But I could also be your best kept secret. I guess you could call me a business management savant. I’ve leveraged my experience and corporate background as a sales manager, product knowledge trainer and creative soft goods designer to help authors stay relevant, increase their readership and most importantly; have time to write.

My “niche” is Historical Romance authors and I love finding ways to promote and market authors and their books in this genre.


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