New Website!

I’ve been working day and night to get the new website up and running. It’s not quite finished yet, but it’s functioning. 🙂

Author's Write Hand

Welcome to the new and improved Author’s Write Hand website! I mean, this is the blog for it. I’m so happy that you took the chance to read my word vomit. Well, it’s just a little post.

So you may wonder what happened? Well, let’s back up a little. In December I was diagnosed with Stage 2A Breast Cancer. Not the Christmas present I was hoping for… but I digress. I’ve been a little rattled, going to a zillion doctor appointments, having Chemo, biopsies and you get the idea. I was not thinking to myself, I really should go on my website and update my plugins and wordpress version?? Nope, I was not.

So three days ago, I log in to my site…TRY to log in and it’s a NO GO. I then go to the website and see a blank new webpage “HELLO WORLD” and I cried. Yes, I’d been hacked, MALWARE, or whatever the forces of evil are called that delete things for NO REASON.

So my nice HOST reset my website, found NO backup and sent me on my way. That brings us to this, my shiny new website design. ENJOY!


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